Bernhard Kucirek - Writer and Director

Bernhard is the mastermind behind the project. He wrote the script and is the director as well as the production manager of the movie. He was also the location scout and he's seen in a cameo appearance as the movie director on the screen. His main task at the moment is to coordinate dates and times with all the actors and the crew who support the project in their spare time.

Bernhard graduated from the Department of Photography at Austrian Federal Training and Research Institute for Graphic Arts and Media in 1993. 

He started his professional career with the german TV channel Sat1 in Munich, Germany and has been working as a cameraman for national and international TV productions since then. 

He is a member of the Austrian Association of Cinematographers (AAC). 

Bernhard worked on art projects with Elvira Rajek as a partner from 2003 - 2009 and has been her PR agent since then.